Big Berkey 8.5L


    Suitable for:  1-4 people

      Capacity:   8.5 liters (2.25 Gallons)

        Height:  50 cm (19.25")

          Diameter:  21.6 cm (8.5")

            Weight: 3.2 kgs (7 lbs)

            Choose Your Filter Configuration

            Choose Your Optional Accessories

            Stainless Steel Spigot CA$35.00

            This optional spigot is made of the highest food grade 304 stainless steel and can be used instead of the black plastic spigot that comes standard with stainless steel Berkey systems.  

            Sight Glass Spigot CA$70.00

            The Sight Glass Spigot allows you to see how much water is left in the lower chamber without the need to lift the upper chamber.  It also ensures that you will never overfill your Berkey.

            Stainless Steel Water View Spigot CA$100.00

            Combining style and functionality, the Berkey Water View Spigot shows you how much water is left in the lower chamber of your Berkey system, avoids overfilling, and ensures that your purified Berkey water never comes into contact with plastic.

            Stainless Steel Wire Stand CA$66.00

            The Stainless Steel Wire Stand raises your Berkey 6" up off the counter, allowing you to easily fit a cup or container under the spigot.

            Berkey Primer CA$38.00

            The Black Berkey Primer is a very convenient accessory that is a must-have for emergency preparedness or to use your Berkey where treated water is unavailable.  

            Sport Berkey Bottle CA$66.00

            The 22 oz. Sports Berkey Portable Water Bottle is durable, convenient and portable; ideal for traveling and exercise

            Tote Bag for Big Berkey CA$157.00

            Take your Berkey system wherever you go with this convenient tote bag that has been designed specifically to contain the 2 Berkey system chambers, 2 Black Berkey elements, as well as all the Berkey accessories

            Black Berkey Elements CA$237.00

            Berkey® Systems are the world’s most powerful and cost-effective personal water purification systems on the market, providing reliable, durable and user-friendly water purification for both treated and untreated water sources.

            Berkey® Systems produce pure, refreshing and delicious tasting water without removing the healthful minerals our body needs.

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            Product Features

            The versatile Big Berkey is ideal for small to medium families (1-4 people) and for use during camping, travel, outdoor activities, or unexpected emergencies. It is also ideally suited for use in small offices or waiting rooms.

            Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel, this system has a storage capacity of 2.25 gallons (8.5 litres) and when in use, it stands 19.25” (49 cm) in height with a diameter of 8.5” (22 cm).  The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 13” (33 cm) in height.

            NOTE: Stainless steel systems must be placed on the edge of a counter, or on a stool or stand, in order to fit a glass or other container under the spigot.  You may also choose to add the optional stainless steel base to your order which raises your Berkey 5” (12.7 cm) off the counter.

            The Big Berkey comes in 4 configurations:

            •         2 Black Berkey elements
            •         2 Black Berkey elements + 2 PF-2 fluoride filters
            •         4 Black Berkey elements
            •         4 Black Berkey elements + 4 PF-2 fluoride filters

            NOTE: Increasing the number of Black Berkey elements will not change the quality of your water, it will simply increase the flow rate.  Choose more elements to increase your system’s production capacity (see How to choose my Berkey).

            System includes:

            •         Upper and lower stainless steel chambers
            •         Stainless steel lid with knob
            •         Rubber gasket to protect the base
            •         Plastic spigot
            •         2 Black Berkey elements (expandable to 4)
            •         2 washers + 2 wingnuts (expandable to 4)
            •         1 priming button
            •         2 blocking plugs 

            Optional accessories for this system:

            •         Stainless steel spigot
            •         7.5” Sight Glass Spigot
            •         Medium stainless steel base
            •         Black Berkey Primer

            Product Specifications

            • Suitable for: 1-4 people
            • Holding capacity: 2.25 gallons (8.5 litres)
            • Height when in use: 19.25” (49 cm)
            • Height for transport: 13” (33 cm)
            • Diameter: 8.5” (22 cm)
            • Weight when empty: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

            Maximum flow rate:

            During emergencies, the Big Berkey can produce a maximum flow rate of up to 3.5 gallons (13.3 liters) per hour when configured with 2 Black Berkey elements, and up to 7.0 gallons (26.5 liters) per hour when configured with 4 Black Berkey elements.  As such, this unit can meet the water needs of 85+ people a day during an emergency.

            NOTE: Maximum flow rate is calculated with upper chamber full to top.  Flow rate decreases as water level declines.  To achieve maximum output during an emergency, upper chamber must be maintained full at all times.

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            Big Berkey 8.5L

              Suitable for:  1-4 people

                Capacity:   8.5 liters (2.25 Gallons)

                  Height:  50 cm (19.25")

                    Diameter:  21.6 cm (8.5")

                      Weight: 3.2 kgs (7 lbs)

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